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Archive: June 2018

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Keep up-to-date with the new JCQ regulations free of charge, with Real Training

Last year, like many organisations, we hosted some live, paid events to run through that year’s updates to the JCQ regulations. Following a great deal of thought and debate, this year we have decided to do something quite different. We are going to be offering a free-to-access update, available to all qualified access arrangements professionals.

This will take the form of a detailed webinar, hosted by our experts, giving you full details on the changes implemented this year and discussing potential challenges, interpretations and scenarios.

Why have we made this change?

There are two main reasons behind this change, one technical and the other a matter of principle. The technical reason is that we understand that the upcoming changes  are not particularly wide-ranging or challenging – certainly not sufficient to merit a full day of training. The fundamental reason, though, was one of principle. As an organisation committed to improving outcomes for all – and giving education professionals the confidence they need – we feel a professional duty to ensure that all access arrangements assessors have the information they require, regardless of their school’s financial circumstances.

How can you register?

A registration form for the webinar will be circulated in the coming weeks. If you want us to add your name to the list, however, simply email us and we can process your free registration from here.

When will you be able to access the Real Training Access Arrangements Update?

We’ll be working over the summer, to ensure that you can access this full, free update by the start of the autumn term – giving you the confidence you need ahead of the first wave of Form 8 submissions in the winter.

Can you pass this on to your colleagues?

The short answer to this is yes! Whilst this update is being created with our previous graduates foremost in mind, we want to support all assessors. So, if you have colleagues who might benefit, please forward this email to them so they can also benefit.

Bringing the Gold Standard of UK educational testing to Dubai this September

CCET Psychometric TestingFollowing a hugely successful, fully-booked Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing course we delivered at the Horizon International School in April, we are pleased to announce a new event running from September 18-20.

The Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing will help you to understand how assessments using psychometric tests are developed, how to use them effectively, and how to interpret the results.

It will also enable you to apply for the BPS Test User Educational qualification and to join the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use – a publicly searchable database of competence that will bolster your professional reputation.

Whilst our course is designed around the BPS and government requirements, some key aspects make our course unique:

  • Unlike other courses, ours is independently accredited by a highly-respected university, Middlesex, and graduates can join our masters programme as if they have 30 academic credits
  • Our standards are audited and approved by the British Accreditation Council, so you can be assured that we deliver to the highest standards
  • We deliver more than 400 CCET courses every year, making us the most popular provider of this course
  • We have significant experience of training educators across the world – with current delegates in 37 different countries
  • Our course is written, delivered and tutored by Educational Psychologists and highly-experienced, specialist tutors

Please note that we are limited to 20 delegates and the last course in Dubai sold out very quickly, so book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.