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Using psychology to make a real difference

We were created and developed by three educational psychologists (EPs) who believe in making a real difference to the lives of those with SEND. Our organisation and our culture have grown around this principle and our consultancy work is underpinned by it.

We create leading-edge content, deliver cutting-edge training and utilise the latest e-learning platforms to achieve our aim. We also offer expert consultancy in all aspects of educational psychology.

Redefining online learning

We can:

  • Examine your training goals and how they might be met using online training.
  • Establish how online training might help you to meet your organisation’s aims.
  • Put in place a range of functions and tools to support your existing and planned training, whether it is face-to-face or online.
  • Help you to write the right content for online delivery.
  • Carry out an evaluation and review of your existing training.
  • Institute client surveys to establish exactly what you need and how you can access more effective training.
  • Enable your organisation to be more productive, with more people successfully completing training and higher levels of satisfaction with the training that you provide.

Understanding SEND

We can:

  • Undertake SEND projects for schools, academy chains, local authorities and government.
  • Improve outcomes and provision by implementing strategic plans and evidence-based interventions.
  • Deliver bespoke training across the UK and internationally.

Led by respected EPs

We also offer a full range of EP services through realpsychology.co.uk

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