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Confidence through competence
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About Us

Founded and led by chartered psychologists:

  • In 2004, we were created by three educational psychologists. Now, we are the only e-learning and higher education training organisation led and run by chartered psychologists.
  • We believe in accessible and flexible learning using the latest technology.
  • We give each of our learners the confidence and competence to make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable learners.

Experienced experts

As chartered psychologists, we analyse the needs of the learner and create nurturing learning environments. We have been planning and delivering this leading training for over 13 years.

Our company is grounded in the following practices:

  • Professional skills centred on evidence-based practice and pedagogy.
  • Psychological expertise that balances the needs of the learner with the structure of the learning environment.
  • The latest technologies combined with the best educational psychology achieve outstanding learning outcomes.
  • Practice-led learning delivered to the heart of each learner’s setting.

For the future of education

Our e-learning technology supports each individual. Delegates can interact online with other learners and tutors every step of the way.

Our values are:

  • Inclusivity – valuing and respecting others, recognising and celebrating the contribution of all
  • Integrity – acting fairly, honestly, compassionately and consistently
  • Positivity – taking a positive outlook to challenges and embracing change and opportunity
  • Curiosity – seeking to reflect, learn, ask questions and challenge unhelpful orthodoxies
  • Growth – seeking growth and positive change for individuals and organisations
  • Sustainability – minimising environmental impact and taking positive conscious actions

Providing bespoke consultation

We also take on projects and bespoke training for schools, companies and government departments.

Contact us if you have an idea of a project we can work on together, or want to know anything else about us.