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About Us

Helping all learners achieve their potential

We are an award-winning provider of specialist online qualifications and training for education professionals, founded and led by educational psychologists.

We deliver market-leading courses in SEND, educational assessment, mental health and inclusive leadership, designed to deliver maximum impact in schools and colleges.

Our learning pathways offer delegates flexible ways to study apprenticeships and modular postgraduate courses awarded and quality assured through Middlesex University. We also offer professional qualifications that are quality assured by organisations including the Department for Education (DfE), (British Dyslexia Association (BDA), British Psychological Society (BPS), and the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).

Our courses are online by design and delivered through our innovative online learning platform, Campus Online.

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SEND specialist teachers and Educational Psychologists tutoring on our courses


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Our values

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We are a friendly, successful and growing company that has been founded by psychologists who believe in the importance of a positive people culture.

Inclusivity – valuing and respecting others, recognising and celebrating the contribution of all

Integrity – acting fairly, honestly, compassionately & consistently

Positivity – taking a positive outlook to challenges and embracing change and opportunity

Curiosity – seeking to reflect, learn, ask questions and challenge unhelpful othodoxies

Growth – seeking growth and positive change for individuals and organisations.

Sustainability – minimising environmental impact and taking positive conscious actions

A headshot of Mark Turner
Dr Mark Turner
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Siobhan Mellor - CoFounder Real Group
Dr Siobhan Mellor
Director of Pedagogy & Learning
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Claire
Claire Imhofe
Finance Director

A headshot of Dr Hannah Fairall
Dr Hannah Fairall
Academic and Professional Lead – CPD and Professional Programmes,
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Dr Ruth Deutsch
Dr. Ruth Deutsch
Module Leader – CAP course, Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Jalak Patel
Jalak Patel
Programme Leader – Professional Assessment,
Educational Psychologist

a headshot of Sarah Norris - Educational Psychologist
Sarah Norris
Programme Leader – Mental Health,
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Jane Yeomans
Dr. Jane Yeomans
Deputy Programme Leader, MEd SEND and Inclusion,
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Janet Stephens
Janet Stephens
Module Leader,
Speech and Language Therapist

A headshot of Dr Julie Cozens
Dr Julie Cozens
Module Leader – Dyslexia Leadership and Intervention, Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Sophia Butler
Sophia Butler
Co-Module Leader – Access Arrangements Coordination, Private DSA Assessor

A headshot of Dr Sue Sheppard
Dr Sue Sheppard
Module Leader – Autism courses, Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Dr Anna
Dr Anna Smith,
Deputy Module Leader – Lead Psychologist, Head of the Dyslexia Guild

A headshot of Dr Joanna Wood
Dr Joanna Wood,
Module Leader – Senior Mental Health Leadership Advanced Award, Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Mariya Mobeen
Mariya Mobeen,
Module Leader – Cross Cultural Issues in SEND

A headshot of Catherine Marshall
Dr Catherine Marshall,
Module Leader – Maths Teaching

a headshot of Katie
Katie Hickin
MEd Programme Lead and Academic and Professional Lead for Masters Programmes

A headshot of Rebecca Gonyora
Rebecca Gonyora
Module Leader – Auditing and Leading Improvement

A headshot of Gill Cochcrane
Gill Cochrane,
Programme Leader – Literacy Difficulties and Dyslexia

A headshot of Philippa Bailey
Philippa Baillie
Co-Module Leader – Access Arrangements Coordination,
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Kate Fieldhouse
Kate Fieldhouse
Module Leader – CCET,
Educational Psychologist

A headshot of Jessica Milligan
Jessica Milligan
Module Leader and Professional Practice Manager: Dyslexia Assessment

A featured headshot of one of our course leaders, Rebecca Gonyora

Rebecca Gonyora

Director of Inclusion, Deputy SEND Leader East of England and North East London (WSS/ NASEN)

Module leader: Auditing and Leading Improvement

“What I like about Real Training is that it offers a carefully scaffolded “learner-led” approach that allows for learning adjustments to take place, supported by multimedia resources and research that’s easy to dip into. Let’s face it – self-paced learning is really helpful when you are balancing study with a demanding role.

The emphasis on a practice-led approach, including carrying out projects within each delegate’s setting and using data to drive change, really resonated with me. I feel like it’s the right way to bring about lasting impact. This was the case when I was studying for my NASENCO award with Real Training over fourteen years ago, and remains so now that I’ve been able to return as a tutor and module leader.”

About Real Group

Recognised as an industry-leader, Real Group provides highly respected professional development courses with a focus on SEND, as well as psychology services for schools. This is complemented by an online shop providing SEND resources and professional assessments.

As a company of over 60 professionals operating across 50 countries, we are united by a shared vision of improving the future potential for all children and young people, as well as promoting inclusive practices across education.

Bringing together our expertise in psychology, pedagogy and technology we strive to deliver best practice in SEND in a way that is practical, accessible and manageable for education professionals. Delegates graduate from our courses with the confidence and competency to enhance their leadership skills, and knowledge of assessment or teaching practice.

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Real Group brands

We’re the UK’s leading provider of training in educational testing and professional assessment. Our courses are taught by senior practising psychologists with real expertise. We deliver the best thinking, teaching and practice using the latest online learning technologies (Campus Online™).

Our experienced educational psychologists (EPs) deliver innovative and accessible educational psychology services across the UK and the globe. Our principal and senior EPs work with parents, schools and organisations to help each child fulfil their potential.

We are an innovative, Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ apprenticeship training provider, creating opportunities and raising aspirations through apprenticeship pathways, in order for everyone to learn, train and upskill in education, PE, health, and wellbeing.

Our innovative online courses strengthen the expertise and confidence of education professionals who support students with literacy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLDs).

As we’re an open membership group, we welcome all professionals with an interest in dyslexia/SpLD. We offer discussion, information and best practice in the field and an array of member resources. We are also a SASC-approved assessment practising certification body.

Our shop was established in November 1995. We offer a range of carefully selected products that provide educators and the public with the best resources to improve outcomes. Our team is based in Real Group’s Canterbury offices.

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