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Cross-Cultural Issues in SEND30 creditsMaster of EducationOnlineValidated by Middlesex University


Female teacher supports female pupil with learningThe Cross-Cultural Issues in SEND module will help you to develop your knowledge and understanding of cultural and community influence on pupils, families and their ensuing relationship with your educational setting. You will have the opportunity to focus on the issues of most relevance to your setting, while also increasing your knowledge of theoretical perspectives on multiculturalism, identity, and community.

The range of cultures and communities that are relevant will vary according to the context of your setting but could include those groups related to ethnicity, religion, sexuality, socio-economic or political as well as alternative or online communities. 

The module will equip you with knowledge relevant to the variety of cultures and different communities in your setting, an understanding of the provisions and community resources available in your practice, as well as establishing a plan for leading your setting towards a cohesive approach to multiculturalism and community settings.

This module is one of the core / recommended modules on our Pastoral pathway, but when combined with other modules can also be completed as part of a different pathway on our SEND and Inclusion Programme or our Inclusive Educational Leadership Programme.


Why take this module?

Choose this module and:

  • Identify and understand the historical context, beliefs, attitudes and values held by the cultures and/or communities linked to your setting, and how these underpin their relationship to education
  • Formulate a working knowledge of local provision and community resources in order to promote inclusive practice in your setting
  • Build an awareness of the importance of self- and group identity, the ways in which this can be promoted, and the consequences of self- and group isolation
  • Achieve 30 level 7 credits that you could put towards further study on our SEND & Inclusion programme

Cohorts begin in January, May, or September.

The next cohort begins on 15 May 2024. Book and enrol before 15 May 2024 to join our next cohort.

How will you benefit?

This module will benefit you and your setting in a wide variety of ways. Over the duration of the course, you will:

  • Develop your knowledge of theoretical perspectives on multiculturalism, identify and community
  • Have the opportunity to focus on a specific cultural and community group(s) which you experience in your setting, and identify how local provision can be used to enhance the learning experience
  • Build confidence when working with external agencies
  • Become a leader for change by establishing a plan for guiding your setting towards a cohesive approach to multiculturalism and community settings

The module content

  • An introduction to multiculturalism: history, legislation, controversies
  • The importance of identity, belonging, group theory, and the consequences of isolation
  • The history, attitudes, beliefs and values of an identified set of communities or cultures relevant to the student’s setting
  • Characteristics and goals of multicultural education
  • Initiative and interventions to support cultural and community cohesion
  • The role of external agencies in supporting education in the context of multiculturalism and diverse communities

How will you be assessed?

Your assessments will consist of the following:

  • Self evaluation questionnaires for you to check your knowledge and understanding throughout the module
  • Submission of prepared materials as part of practice activities
  • Three assessed tasks:

Their story (2000 words)

A review of the history, perspectives, issues and values of an identified cultural or community group in your setting.

Provision and Intervention: (2000 words)

A critical review of how different cultural and community groups experience your setting, and how local provision is used to enhance the learning experience.

Reflections on this module (2000 words)

A review of knowledge gained, perspectives changed and a plan for practice development.

How is the module delivered?

Our courses are delivered through Campus Online, our unique provision for online learning.

Campus Online allows you to study at your own pace, without the need to travel, or commit to particular dates or times. Log in to access your study materials, contact your personal tutor for support, connect and network with other delegates and make use of the extensive resource library.

You can easily track your progress throughout the course and submit your work and evidence of assignments for feedback.

Are you eligible?

You will need to hold an undergraduate degree.

You will need to be working in an educational setting for this module. If you aren’t currently working in an educational setting you will need written permission from a senior member of staff to regularly access a setting.

Are you based in an international setting?

This module is available online and can therefore be completed anywhere in the world. The programme content is designed and written with both UK and international settings in mind.

Please click here for advice on payment options and other information relevant to those studying outside of the UK.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible range of fees to suit you:

  • A one-off payment of £1,495 + VAT 
  • Three instalments of £523+VAT
  • Ten instalments of £162+VAT

For further information please visit our payment FAQ page.

Speak to us on +44(0)1273 358080 or make a booking.

When does the course start?

Cohorts begin in January, May, or September.

The next cohort begins on 15 May 2024. Book and enrol before 15 May 2024 to join our next cohort.

As it takes time to process your application and payment, we strongly recommend you register as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss the next intake.

Please note: This course is currently subject to approval

How long does it take to complete the course?

You will have up to a year to complete this course. We do understand, however, that circumstances can arise that could prevent the course from being completed during this time. If this is the case, an extension can be arranged in conjunction with the admin team and your tutor.

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