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Bespoke training to suit your setting

Bespoke training to suit your setting

What is Real Training’s bespoke training offer?

As a company founded by – and still owned by – education professionals – we want to ensure that we can deliver the most appropriate training for everyone’s requirements and circumstances because we understand the realities of education. Though Real Training normally delivers a blended mix of online and face-to-face training in open courses, we also appreciate that in some circumstances there is a need for a more tailored service.

What are the key benefits of bespoke training?

Not only can we tailor courses to your setting’s demands and aspirations, but we can also ensure that both the programme content and format are right for you. What is more, bespoke training is aimed at a number of people training in one location at the same time, so as with most things, we can transfer the cost savings from administration and such to you, making this an even more cost-effective solution for situations where it is suitable. In our experience, the most suitable courses for bespoke delivery are those based on our professional assessment and masters programmes such as our MEd in SEND and Inclusion.

Bespoke training is ideal for Multi Academy Trusts as we aim to train a number of people in one location at the same time, making this an even more cost-effective solution.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for colleagues located in different schools across different areas to meet together to share ideas, experiences and support each other on their learning journey.

At the first meeting, the group will be introduced to their dedicated tutor. Not only will they have face-to-face interaction but delegates will be able to reach their tutor via telephone, email and via the online portal. As part of ongoing support, regular follow-up meetings will be arranged onsite or conference call.

We have highly specialised tutors located across the country and willing to travel abroad, so we are able to deliver training at short notice at a time that is right for you.

Delegates will also receive exclusive offers from our sister company, Dyslexia Action Shop.

How are our bespoke services delivered?

Typically our bespoke face-to-face courses are delivered within the school setting of the client, which avoids creating unnecessary costs – and doesn’t take your staff away from the workplace.

When can this happen and where?

To ensure that we deliver the best value possible to your team and that we tailor an education programme specifically to your needs, we need to consult with your team ahead of delivering a course. However, we’ve been doing this a long time. So you can rest assured that whatever your time frame, budget or need, we’ll endeavour to create a training programme which works for you. This is true whether you are based in the UK or anywhere in the world. Over the last few years we have delivered training in Singapore, Gibraltar, Antigua, Barbados and Northern Ireland, so geography isn’t a challenge for Real Training.

What are the next steps?

Each client’s needs are different, so the first step is a consultation with one of our training advisers. You can call us on +44 (0) 1273 35 80 80 or email at, giving some details on what you are looking for, how many participants you want to take part and where you are based. From there, we can get back to you with expert advice on how we can work together.

What our delegates say about us?

‘Amazing and should be a part of the general teaching qualification.’ Tracey from GEMS Metropole School, U.A.E

‘One of the best courses I have attended. Informative, well delivered and organised.’ CCET delegate from Horizon International School, U.A.E

‘Fantastic course, it’s definitely a must!’ CCET delegate from Sunmarke School, U.A.E

The small number of students on the course allows for plenty of time for discussion and individual input from the course leader.’ AAC delegate from Taverham, U.K

Presenters allowed a relaxed and easy atmosphere amid loads of information. The course was interactive, we learned while doing and it was flexible.’ CCET delegate  from Carribean Dyslexia Centre, Antigua

Janet has been very helpful throughout the course.  She has responded to submissions extremely quickly which has been appreciated.  Her advice has always been clear and supportive.  I couldn’t fault Janet as an online tutor.  I have felt that she has always been on hand to help.’ SLCN delegate, Birmingham Support Services, U.K

Janet has been very supportive, offering positive comments to keep me going and constructive feedback when it was needed. She helped me instantly with some technical difficulties I was having and overall has been great.’ SLCN delegate, Birmingham Support Services, U.K

The support from the tutor was always prompt and helpful.’ CCET delegate from the United World College of Southeast Asia, Singapore