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Maths Teaching and Dynamic Assessment30 creditsMaster of EducationOnlineValidated by Middlesex University


The Maths Teaching and Dynamic Assessment module is developed and delivered in partnership with Dyslexia Action. This module will familiarise you with an informal (non-standardised) method of appraising maths-related difficulties. You will develop the complex and extensive skill-set needed to be an effective specialist maths teacher and to instil an understanding of the importance of facilitating mathematical understanding in learners.

This module can be completed as part of one of our Masters programmes: SEND & InclusionInclusive Educational LeadershipEducational Assessment, Autism or Pastoral Care.

Why take this module?

Choose this module and:

  1. Be able to employ a range of maths resources and non-standardised assessment tools in a dynamic appraisal process
  2. Construct an assessment report and intervention plan for a learner that effectively appraises maths-related difficulties
  3. Deliver a tailored teaching intervention that effectively addresses the individual study requirements of a learner with maths-related difficulties
  4. Strategically support the development of higher-order reasoning skills in maths learners
  5. Critically reflect on observations and experiences of professional practice making links to theory and research

How will you benefit?

  • Gain further understanding of maths-related difficulties in learning
  • Gain confidence in how to appraise mathematical performance using non-standardised methods
  • Use non-standardised testing methods to formulate a teaching intervention plan for a learner with maths difficulties
  • Develop a range of structured, multisensory teaching methods that have proven success with learners who have previously struggled to gain basic skills in maths
  • Enhance your critical self-reflection on maths teaching to inform future planning and delivery of maths content
  • Accrue 30 credits for use on our SEND & Inclusion programme
  • Combine it with the Mathematical Understanding and Teaching Methods – Underpinning Theory module and achieve the PGCert Specialist Teaching for Maths-related Difficulties awarded by Dyslexia Action

The module content

  • Selected readings on mathematical development (including dyscalculia) and teaching strategies
  • Placement process – individualising the maths learning process for learners with different requirements
  • Exploration of oracy initiatives in schools and how some of the methods and tools (e.g., oracy benchmark resources) can be applied to enhance maths teaching and learning
  • Interactive review and reflection on lesson plans and lesson evaluations including self-evaluation of own practice (using video recordings)
  • Non-standardised assessment methods and their usefulness when appraising maths skills
  • Working within a set assessment report format
  • Using reflective models and structured self-evaluation materials to improve professional performance
  • Development of professional skills and responsibilities

How will you be assessed?

  • Quizzes covering key content for practice
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Summative assignments will include (for example):

Compile a Teaching Portfolio (3,000 words) to showcase practical teaching skills and critical self-reflection of your practice.

Conduct a dynamic appraisal and develop a teaching intervention plan/report from its findings (2,000 words). Reflect upon your practice and areas for future development using an intervention planning checklist.

How is the module delivered?

  • Our courses are delivered through Campus Online, our unique provision for online learning.
  • Campus Online allows you to study at your own pace, without the need to travel, or commit to particular dates or times. Log in to access your study materials, contact your personal tutor for support, connect and network with other delegates and make use of the extensive resource library.
  • You can easily track your progress throughout the course and submit your work and evidence of assignments for feedback.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for teachers or other professionals with experience in teaching maths who would like to know more about how to support learners with maths-related difficulties. It is suitable for those working in a range of educational settings, including Primary and Secondary schools. 

Are you eligible?

  • To undertake this module, you will need to have successfully completed Mathematical Understanding and Teaching Methods – Underpinning Theory
  • You will need to hold an undergraduate degree
  • You will need GCSE Maths at Grade C/4, or if you haven’t been in the UK education system, a qualification which demonstrates proficiency in maths, for example, end of school certification level or a degree that features a substantial applied mathematical component
  • You must also have recent and relevant experience (a minimum of two years in a maths teaching/teaching support role) to be eligible for this module
  • You will need to be working in an educational setting for this module. If you aren’t currently working in an educational setting you will need written permission from a senior member of staff to regularly access a setting.

Are you based in an international setting?

This module is available online and can therefore be completed anywhere in the world. The programme content is designed and written with both UK and international settings in mind.

Please note: If you are interested in any of the becoming a member or accredited by The Dyslexia Guild, you may need further training in addition to the Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Teaching for Maths-related Difficulties. Please contact The Dyslexia Guild at guild@dyslexiaaction.org.uk for further information.

  • For Associate (ADG) or Member (MDG) membership with The Dyslexia Guild, you will need literacy/SpLD qualifications at Level 5 or 7
  • Literacy qualifications are required to apply for an APC 

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible range of fees to suit you:

  • A one-off payment of £2,125 + VAT
  • Three instalments of £733 + VAT

For further information please visit our payment FAQ page.

Speak to us on +44(0)1273 358080 or make a booking.

When does the course start?

Cohorts begin in January and September, with the first cohort starting January 2025.

If you are looking to study this module to achieve the Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Teaching for Maths-related Difficulties, we recommend the following study schedule.

  Mathematical Understanding and Teaching Methods Maths Teaching and Dynamic Assessment
PGCert study option 1 Start 15 January Start 15 September
PGCert study option 2 Start 15 May Start 15 Jan
PGCert study option 3 Start 15 September Start 15 September (the following year)

We recommend these study schedules because the Maths Teaching and Dynamic Assessment module includes practical activities during which you will require access to your setting. 

Please note: as it takes time to process your application and payment, we strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss the next intake.

How long does it take to complete the course?

You will have up to six months to complete this course. 

We do understand, however, that circumstances can arise that could prevent the course from being completed during this time. If this is the case, an extension can be arranged in conjunction with the admin team and your tutor.

Module Leader

Gill Cochrane

Gill has worked in the field of education for over twenty years. She writes and researches on the teaching of literacy and mathematics. Within Real Group, her work includes the design and management of courses to enhance teachers’ professional development. Gill is the lead for the Masters of Education (MEd) in Professional Practice in Dyslexia and Literacy, the Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Teaching for Maths-related Difficulties & the Level 5 Specialist Teacher Programme. She is also one of the lead developers on the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme.

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