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Assistant Test User (ATU)Continuing Professional DevelopmentApproved by the British Psychological Society


This British Psychological Society (BPS) qualification is solely in test administration.

It is of particular interest to individual schools/settings, Multi-Academy Trusts and Local Authorities who want to train a team to administer a large number of tests and/or education professionals who want to develop their test administration skills and gain a nationally recognised BPS qualification.

Test UserKate Fieldhouse is a senior educational psychologist. She has helped to develop this industry-standard course for those who want to understand testing and assessment in an educational setting.





Test UserSarah Norris is a senior educational psychologist who has worked extensively with schools and young people with SEND. Sarah specialises in the field of mental health and young people with social and emotional needs.




Why take this module?

If you want to train and develop a professionally qualified team around you to administer a large number of tests, then this online or intensive course is a cost-effective way to save time and build expertise within your organisation.

If, on the other hand, you are a teacher or teaching assistant who wants to gain skills in test administration, this will provide you with the skills that you need and a qualification validated by the respected BPS.

How will you benefit?

It will allow large or busy schools to spread the load of assessment effectively by training a number of competent test administrators at an affordable price. The member of staff in their setting on the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) will retain control over the choosing of tests, the interpretation of results and the writing of reports.

On an individual level, it will enable each and every teacher to develop strong, practical test administration skills that make a real contribution to their setting.

What ATU allows you to do

  • Administer psychometric tests and score them accurately for general assessment purposes (not for access arrangements*)
  • Security and data protection maintenance

What ATU DOESN’T allow you to do

  • Choose the appropriate psychometric test
  • Interpret the test scores and understand the educational significance in order to write a report or feed back to children or parents

*Please note – The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) requires access arrangements assessors to conduct all of their own assessments. In line with this, access arrangements assessors cannot delegate those with ATU status to undertake the administration of tests for access arrangements. Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) holders, however, are able to delegate ATU holders to undertake the administration of tests for general assessment purposes.

The module content

The course covers all of the competencies and standards laid down by the BPS for those who wish to be registered as assistant test users. It includes:

  • Test administration and scoring.
  • Security and data protection maintenance.

How will you be assessed?

Each candidate will be required to demonstrate their competence as a test administrator and their ability to understand and act upon security and data protection issues. As part of this, they will need to:

  • Complete a multiple choice assessment about the Types and uses of tests.
  • Create a video of a good quality test administration.
  • Securely share with us evidence of correct test administration and scoring.
  • Complete a multiple choice assessment about test and information security and confidentiality.
  • Create a permission request form.

How is the course delivered?

Candidates will be able to choose from the following two study options.


This flexible and accessible option is tailored to those who want to work online at their own pace. Our intuitive and easy-to-use online learning platform (Campus OnlineTM) enables candidates to interact with their tutors and peers, track their own progress and access a wealth of resources.

Group bookings are available for schools, or groups of schools, who wish to train more than one colleague.

One-day bespoke intensive

This one-day option will be delivered on demand. For example, your school or cluster could arrange a course onsite for a number of staff members.

The online study route takes around 25 hours, while the intensive option requires candidates to attend a one-day course and complete and record a competence test administration that takes approximately three to six hours.

Are you eligible?

This course is open access, so no prior qualifications are necessary. However, to enrol successfully, candidates must be supervised by someone who has completed one of our test user qualifications – either our Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) or our Certificate in Psychometric Testing, Assessment and Access Arrangements (CPT3A) – and has also maintained their BPS RQTU. In real terms, you must be able to confirm the following is true:

  • The SENCO in your setting has agreed that they would like you to be trained
  • The SENCO in your setting has agreed to support you throughout the course
  • The SENCO in your setting has agreed to allow you access to psychometric assessments
  • The SENCO in your setting has agreed that with ATU, you will have access to someone who has completed CCET or CPT3A and will help decide which assessments should be undertaken and will be able to understand the educational significance of the scores
  • The SENCO in your setting understands that you will not be able to complete tests for access arrangements purposes

They will also need to be committed and enthusiastic. Candidates will be eligible to register with the BPS as an assistant test user. They can be upgraded to test user as soon as they complete the full CCET course.

Are you based in an international setting?

This course is available online and can therefore be completed anywhere in the world. Please click here for advice on payment options and other information relevant to those studying outside of the UK.

How can I access tests?

For the purpose of the Assistant Test User (ATU) course, you will need to be able to access at least two psychometric tests, one of ability and one of attainment.

There are various places to buy tests. Real Group runs the Dyslexia Action Shop which sells many of the most popular tests from the main test publishers in the UK and USA. We offer delegates a 10% discount. Another option is to join the Professional Assessment Programme Study Route Purchase Scheme. To find out more, please click here.

Please note: we have no control over the rules that publishers use to decide who is eligible to buy their tests and we will need to follow their guidance when selling tests. We may need you to provide information regarding qualifications for us to check your eligibility.


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