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Dr Julie Cozens

A headshot of Dr Julie Cozens

Module Leader – Dyslexia Leadership and Intervention, Educational Psychologist

Julie is an educational psychologist and a qualified teacher specialising in literacy and interventions for dyslexia. She has delivered dyslexia training to teachers and trainee EPs at Exeter University and has made key contributions to the development of dyslexia policy and practice in a number of local authorities.

A short Q&A with Julie

Q: Why study Dyslexia – Leadership and Intervention?

We have created an online academic community which is really user-friendly and interactive, to ensure that the experience of distance learning with us is not lonely. These modules will give each student an essential overview of a complex area. They will learn how to identify dyslexia and how to support each learner through programmes and interventions across the school. They will also know how to lead and manage the school’s dyslexic provision and harness the environment to increase support and change outcomes.

Q: Why are these modules different?

Some courses take a particular view of dyslexia. We don’t! We acknowledge the range of theories and views about dyslexia and believe that this approach is key to treating such a complex condition effectively.

Q: What are the typical backgrounds of people who take the course?

They are teachers working in a range of age groups both nationally and internationally. Many of them are in, or are about to take on, a management role.

Q: What can someone who has taken this course offer?

This module gives students a really full picture of the complexities and controversies that inform dyslexia. It gives you a brilliant overview and prepares you for complexity.

Q: What are you proudest of?

It grapples with some quite complex theories. However, because it’s grounded in people’s everyday practice, it hangs together in a way that is meaningful and relevant to people.