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Assignments and Assessment

What can you expect?

You will need to pass a number of assignments to complete your course. While some are assessed, others are designed to help you measure your progress.

How do we assess you?

We use a range of activities to assess you: essays, action plans, case studies, comparative studies, written learning logs, video evidence, presentations, reflective diaries, journals, audits, evaluations and interventions.

We build a selection of these activities into each course and incorporate some of them into key assessment assignments.

Critical analysis

These introductory assignments will test your knowledge of the subject area and tend to come at the end of each Skills & Knowledge module. You will need to write an assignment of between 2,000–4,000 words. It’s a good opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject area – exploring its history, theory, or research.

Practice analysis

This type of assignment does what it says on the tin. They range from 1,000–5,000 words and are about putting something together that will help you to improve your practice in your setting. They mostly appear in the Application & Reflection modules and might involve: action plans, comparative studies, case studies, meeting reviews, even evaluated interventions.

Reflective analysis

A reflective analysis will help you to consolidate all of your learning across the subject area. It’s a final stage assignment that will enable you to critically analyse the knowledge that you have gained and the practice that you have developed. It allows you to contextualise everything that you have learned and provides you with a blueprint for future learning.

Multiple choice questionnaires

You will be familiar with MCQs. In the majority of cases, we use MCQs as a yardstick for you to monitor your progress. Campus OnlineTM features a host of user-friendly widgets which provide live feedback to give you an excellent idea of just how your learning is progressing.

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