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Suitable tests for CCET / CPT3A / AAC / DPRW

The following tests are a selection of popular purchases and have been confirmed by our tutors as suitable for the different courses outlined below.

These tests are available from the Dyslexia Action Shop. As a Real Training delegate, you can purchase these through the Study Purchase Scheme at the Dyslexia Action Shop with a 10% discount, if required.

If you plan to purchase a test, it is worth considering whether you intend to further your studies with another course, and selecting tests that are suitable for both. 

If you are studying CPT3A, for example, it is imperative that your tests for AAC are suitable for assessing Access Arrangements, and we recommend that you choose your two tests required for CCET with this in mind.

For guidance on tests required for our Dyslexia Professional Report Writing (DPRW) module, please see the information further down the page.

DPRW Test Information

If you are thinking of continuing to complete Dyslexia Professional Report Writing (DPRW) after CCET (with the aim of becoming a Specialist Assessor), please be aware that you will have to hold an SpLD practitioner / teacher qualification before commencing this course. 

In order to successfully complete DPRW, SASC requires that you can demonstrate assessment of the following domains:

Cognitive Profile
Phonological Processing
Processing Speed
*Motor Coordination

*Not mandatory

*Sense of Number

To ensure you meet the mandatory assessment domains outlined above, we require that you have access to tests that can assess these. For the September 2024 Dyslexia PRW cohort, we will shortly be able to clarify the test bundle that we will be recommending the course. At the current time, we believe this will be the Test of Dyslexia (TOD) but will be in a position to clarify this for delegates once the SASC committee has finalised their position on the TOD test. Please be aware that additional tests may also be required to cover any outstanding domains – more information will be available from the end of June 2024.