FREE Online SEND Reviewer Training course

Online SEND Reviewer TrainingReal Training and Whole School SEND’s FREE Online SEND Reviewer Training course

At the end of 2019, Real Training and Whole School SEND partnered to offer the enormously successful, free Effective SEN Support Provision – Middle Leaders course. We are delighted to announce the launch of a second free course, aimed at all educational professionals – the Online SEND Reviewer Training. This course is now available to access through Campus Online.

It is the only fully-online version of the SEND Reviewer Training course. It will enable more people within your setting to conduct quality reviews of SEND provision, thus empowering them to improve their practices.

About the Online SEND Reviewer Training course

The SEND Review course provides a framework that enables educational professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of current SEND provision. This is through a structured self-evaluation and peer review with another educational setting. The aim is to identify areas of potential improvement, and create and review improvement plans.

The theoretical content is delivered fully online, hosted on our bespoke virtual learning environment, Campus Online. Furthermore, the course is free, and you will have access to its content for one year, following your enrolment.

How will you and your setting benefit?

As mentioned, the goal of this course is to enable educational professionals within a setting to understand, review and improve their SEND provision through self and peer-to-peer assessment. This results in a strong and supportive community of SEN professionals, providing the support and encouragement to continually improve SEN provision.

By completing this free course, you will develop an understanding the aims of the SEND Review Process, use the review to drive school improvement and execute the six stages of the SEND Review Process.

The course structure

Delegates will be paired with another participant, known as ‘SEND Professional Partners’, to train together online, and subsequently to undertake the school reviews together. This enables peer-to-peer use of the SEND Review Tool across two (or more) settings, and facilitates development of professional practice between the ‘SEND Professional Partners’.

Using the Whole School SEND Review Tool and with the support of the course ‘Professional Partner’, delegates will undertake a review of their own school SEND. They will then reciprocate this process in the partner’s school. In addition, we ensure that you are allocated an appropriate partner where you will be able to share similar challenges, experiences and best practice.

Within this structure, SEND Professional Partners will work together as ‘critical friends’, reviewing each other’s provision, learning from good practice and supportively challenging areas for development.

‘SEND Professional Partners’ will arrange to visit each other’s provision to support each other undertaking the review in each school. Where geographical or other factors preclude travel, the review discussions can be undertaken remotely via video conferencing to discuss practice, gather evidence, share good practice from other settings and think through areas of the framework which are not yet demonstrated. Where possible, we aim to partner you with participants from a similar setting (e.g. primary, secondary, special and alternative provision) as well as geographical location.

Am I eligible?

This course is aimed at SENCOs and SEN leaders working in educational settings, looking for the necessary tools to work through the various stages of SEND reviews (preparatory, during and post-review). From there, they will consider and action the outcomes in an effective and meaningful way.

How to book

Simply visit the Online SEND Reviewer Training page on our website, where you can pre-register your interest. It takes a matter of seconds to do, with no complicated forms to complete. We will provide you with your login to Campus Online, and you will be able to access the course as soon as you have this.