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Dr Anna Smith

A headshot of Dr Anna

Deputy Module Leader,  Lead Psychologist, Head of the Dyslexia Guild

Anna has worked at Dyslexia Action for over 10 years. As part of her role as Head of the Dyslexia Guild, she is Editor of the Dyslexia Review and she also manages the Assessment Practising Certificate renewal process.

She tutors on and writes for modules relating to theory and assessment of dyslexia and this has been her key area of expertise for some time. 

Anna is also interested in statistics and focuses on this aspect of tutoring for several modules, drawing on her previous experience, lecturing in statistics at King’s College, London.

Her previous work role was as part of a neuroscience research team at King’s College, London, where she explored associations between reading difficulties and epilepsy and the role that genetics plays within this relationship.  Prior to this, her research work focussed upon neurofunctional differences in individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

A short Q&A with Anna

Q: Why study Dyslexia Professional Report Writing?

This is a top up module, for those who have completed a specialist teaching course as well as CCET.

Q: What can someone who has taken this course offer?

This will allow you to carry out diagnostic assessments and gain your Assessment Practising Certificate, which means you can also write reports that can be used for Disabled Student Allowance applications.  Aside from this, you will learn how to write professional reports that align with the current thinking about dyslexia.

Q: Why choose Real Training?

Real training is one of only two providers of ‘top up’ modules, suitable for those individuals who have completed Level 5 specialist tuition training and feel that they would like to take on a role that focuses on  assessment.  Real training will provide you with a tutor with extensive expertise and who will act as a mentor as you progress through the course towards your goal.  You will learn about current theory and practice and how that fits with the assessment process.  You will be guided carefully through the learning process at a level that will give you confidence for your future independent report writing practice.


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