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Confidence through competence
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How our National Award in SEN Coordination (NASENCO) is assessed

Throughout Real Training National Award in SEN Coordination (NASENCO) course, regular self-assessment questionnaires will enable you to map the development of your confidence, skills and knowledge.

A short two-day placement visit to another school will allow you to compare inclusive practice.

Your formal assessment for the National Award in SEN Coordination (NASENCO) course will consist of four assignments, four applied practice tasks, and four learning logs.

NASENCO’s Four Masters-level assignments

You will write:

  • A critical analysis of the context of inclusive education (3,000–4,000 words).
  • Two inclusive education strategies and policies (3,000–4,000 words).
  • A case study analysis and evaluation of an intervention carried out on a child (3,000–4,000 words), or a critical analysis of a piece of project work in your setting (3,000–4,000 words).
  • An evaluation of the course’s impact on your applied professional knowledge and leadership skills (1,000–1,500 words).

NASENCO’s Four applied practice tasks

You will:

  • Analyse your setting’s and your placement school’s SEND policy.
  • Summarise your SEND data management systems.
  • Review your external service commissioning and evaluation processes.
  • Evaluate your skills in working with external professionals.

NASENCO’s Four learning logs

You will produce four reflective learning logs that summarise the:

  • Key areas of learning gleaned from your reading and discussion with others in Strand 1
    (500 words).
  • Critical areas of learning gained from your reading and discussion with others in Strand 2
    (500 words).
  • Contribution of all stakeholders to supporting the learning needs of your pupils with SEND
    (500 words).
  • Important points in your learning journey and their impact on your practice
    (500 words).

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