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Kate Fieldhouse

A headshot of Kate Fieldhouse

Module Leader – Certificate in Competence in Educational Testing (CCET), Educational Psychologist

Kate is an educational psychologist and has been the principal tutor on CCET since its inception. She has helped develop the teaching and learning activities that have made it the industry standard for those wanting to understand testing and assessment in an educational context. Kate is particularly interested in access for, and assessment of, young people with a sensory impairment.

A short Q&A with Kate

Q: Why study CCET?

Our course enables busy teachers and SENCOs to study what they want when they want. We train a diverse range of education professionals from the across the globe helping them to explore educational testing in their own time, setting and place.

Q: Why are these modules different?

We have been running this course for a long time now and are one of its leading providers. We have a unique focus on psychometrics and testing and this focus is driven by tutors who are psychologists and experts in testing.

Q: What can someone who has taken this course offer?

‘These modules are as important to the school as the individual taking it. Our course supports schools in demonstrating their progress and effectiveness. It also allows them to spend their money wisely by training up teachers and doing assessments themselves in-house.’

Q: What are the typical backgrounds of people on the courses?

We see a whole range of people really, but a typical background might be a secondary teacher or SEN coordinator who is studying it in conjunction with the Access Arrangements Course