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National Professional Qualifications


NPQNational Professional Qualifications in 2021 and beyond

The Department for Education (DfE) has undertaken a review of the NPQ programme currently offered and decided to restructure them, with the NPQEL, NPQH and NPQSL changing in structure and approach, and the NPQML being replaced with a suite of three area-specific NPQs covering CPD, behaviour and curriculum/subject-specific NPQs. 


You can find more detail on what is planned at the DfE website.

What does this mean for schools right now?

Current NPQ license-holders such as Real Training, and aspiring new providers, submitted their proposals to the DfE for NPQ programmes to commence in the autumn term of 2021.

From the end of January 2021 intakes, no provider can enrol new participants to the current NPQ programmes as there would not be sufficient time for delegates to complete the course in line with the final submission deadlines. Equally, at this stage no provider can confirm bookings, as the DfE will award contracts to all successful bidders at the same time.

Will Real Training still be offering NPQs?

Real Training is currently in discussions with a DfE appointed NPQ contractor about Real Training becoming a Delivery Partner for a range of the new NPQs. Conversations are ongoing, but in the meantime, you can to register your interest here, and we will keep you up to date with developments as they happen. All new providers of NPQs are having the same sort of conversations across England.

Can I book my NPQ course for the autumn term now?

Sadly, whilst we are optimistic about being able to deliver the newly-structured NPQs, until we know for certain that this is the case it wouldn’t be ethical to take confirmed bookings. This is the case for all aspiring providers.

However, if you would like to register your interest, please email us and we will make sure we contact you directly as soon as we know the outcome of the tendering process.

Interested in becoming a delivery partner?

A key new aspect of the reformed NPQs is that the DfE expects training providers to work in direct partnership with schools and MATs, with the schools acting as delivery partners. If you would be interested in discussing what this involves, and what Real Training is planning to offer, please get in touch with our Account Manager Natalie Rowe (natalie.rowe@realgroup.co.uk) who can take you through the details.

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