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Recognition of Prior Learning

Real Training is delighted to welcome delegates to the programme who have already been awarded credits at masters level (Level 7) on another course.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which allows you to either transfer academic credits from previously completed qualifications into a programme, or to gain academic credits within a programme for previously completed non-credit bearing qualifications. There are five core principles that apply to this process:

  1. The previous qualification must have been completed within the last five years (i.e. the date on the certificate must be less than five years prior to the date that you will be starting your first module on this programme). It is possible for qualifications that are over five years old to be accepted, but you will have to provide further evidence of how you’ve kept the learning current and of any other relevant academic study you have done in that time.

  2. The previous qualification must be relevant to the content of this programme and have learning outcomes that are equivalent to one of the modules on the programme. If your request for RPL is successful, you will count as if you have already passed a specific module within the programme and will not be able to take this module as part of your studies.

  3. For RPL requests involving credit-bearing qualifications, the qualification must have been studied at level 7 and have enough credits to cover the module(s) it is deemed to be equivalent to from the programme (normally 30 or 60).

  4. You can only have a maximum of two-thirds of the credits for a programme coming from RPL. So an MEd (180 credits) can only have a maximum of 120 credits brought in by RPL, a PgDip (120 credits) can only have a maximum of 80 credits, and a PgCert (60 credits) can only have a maximum of 40 credits.
    Please note that due to most Real Group modules being 30 or 60 credits the limits on RPL for a PgDip and PgCert are generally 60 and 30 credits respectively.

  5. The same credits cannot be counted towards more than one of the same type of qualification. For instance a module could be used towards a PgCert, which is then brought into a PgDip or MEd by RPL; however the same module could not be used towards two different PgCerts.

Note about National Professional Qualifications in Headship & Senior Leadership, and the National Award for SEN Coordination: While many of these courses are recognised by universities and carry level 7 academic credits, some of them do not. Due to these being nationally recognised qualifications, Real Group will accept any that do not carry level 7 credits as being equivalent to 30 credits at level 7 for the purposes of RPL.

For all qualifications you wish to have considered for recognition you must provide copies of the certificate and transcript you received (if one was issued), the academic syllabus of the qualification, and for all non-UK qualifications an ENIC-NARIC statement must also be provided.

To submit an RPL application please complete the Real Group Recognition of Prior Learning Application Form.

Please do not use this form for RPL applications that consist solely of previous qualifications or courses studied with Real Group, and which were completed within the last five years. These should be added onto the enrollment forms when you enrol for your first module on a programme.

Any queries about RPL applications should be sent to admin@realgroup.co.uk