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2019 Delegate Feedback Review

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Feedback from our delegates is very important to us. This is why we ask every delegate to complete a feedback form upon completion of their course. This provides us with extremely valuable data on what we’re doing right, and what we can improve upon.

We’ve been carefully analysing the data from over 1,000 delegates in 2019, and below are highlights of the results.

  • 96% of delegates rated our course as good or very good.
  • 97% of delegates rated the extent to which their course met their developmental priorities as good or very good.
  • 93% of delegates rated the course tutors as good or very good.
  • 93% of delegates rated their experience of the course administration from Real Training as good or very good.
  • All metrics have improved year-on-year from 2018 to 2019, reflecting how we strive to improve, always.

Nearly 3/4 of our delegates report that they are considering studying further modules with us.

Some comments from our delegates

“An amazing course. I loved how accessible it was. I could work in the evenings/ weekends/ holidays etc. It fitted around my workload easily as there are no formal deadlines apart from the one a year on from when you start. As everyone’s workloads are different this is ideal. There were no university visits so no time off of work. The website was easy to use and navigate around. My Tutor was fantastic, and always available for support. I would really recommend booking a course with Real Training.” – Sarah Phillips, NASENCO

“It is an excellent organisation which will help you advance in terms of your personal development, knowledge and understanding whilst providing all the support you may require, want or need.” – Daniel Smith, AAC Online

“I have recommended Real training to several colleagues from the North east who are in the process of completing this accreditation.” – Dawn Ablewhite, CCET Intensive

“The tutoring I have received through Real Training has been far superior to that during my undergraduate degree or masters both of which were face to face not distance learning. My tutor has been encouraging and supportive throughout and offered really clear feedback. Overall it has been brilliant! With the support of my tutor I have had everything I needed to complete this course. I loved how easy everything was and how varied the online journals etc there were for you to access. It was also so lovely to have an online community. It’s a brilliant way to complete the task especially if you’re a parent. Very supportive tutors and community.” – Ella Browning, NASENCO

If you are thinking of enrolling on a course with us, either for the first time or a returning delegate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on +44 (0)1273 35 80 80 or contact us here.

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