Dr Yehuda Marshall – CAP

What do you do?

‘I work as a clinical psychologist in private practice and also for a looked after children’s service.’

Why did you decide to study the Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) course with us?

‘I have trained in some dynamic assessment (DA) instruments and so I was keen to see how CAP could expand on my skills in this area, especially with the LAC population who may struggle to engage with long assessments.’

What was your favourite part of the course?

‘I enjoyed it all.’

What impact has it had on your professional life?

‘The course has enabled me to administer a detailed cognitive assessment in a significantly shorter amount of time than I perhaps could with traditional and regular DA tests. Being able to compare the profile of parents and teachers is also very helpful, as it tells me firstly whether they are seeing the same things and secondly, if not, then it enables me to generate some hypotheses about why this may be the case.

‘The detail within each domain of CAP has sharpened my general interview technique to cover areas of attention and perception, for example, that I would not have included before the CAP training.’

What can someone who has taken these modules offer?

‘In addition to the above, CAP can provide a useful baseline measure when applied within a school setting. It acts as a springboard for bespoke recommendations and provides an opportunity to see if there have been any improvements at the time of re-test.’

Why would you advise someone to take this course?

‘For all of the reasons above!’

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