An Interview with Susana Cortez

Susana Cortez

Susana Cortez – NASENCO

Susana is a SEND Specialist lecturer, she has worked with non-verbal students and has a special interest in autism, she is also very keen to develop her skills as a SENCO. Susana currently works in the Inclusive Leadership Department at West London College. She completed the NASENCO course with us in 2021.

What made you choose the Real Training course over other options?

I was recommended via google, it was a great option because it was online. I could work it around my own routine and complete the course on my own time.

What was your experience of learning with Real Training? 

The course was fantastic and extremely informative, my tutor was absolutely amazing and she always supported me with constructive feedback. The course was really helpful and it helped me to understand some areas I wasn’t so comfortable with (founding, leadership). The online library is spectacular and the resources are really appropriate, everything is well organised between each strand. The course met my expectations and I would definitely enrol onto another course.

How has the course helped make an impact at school? 

This course gave me the support to go back and reflect on our LSA support and on what we could eventually do to improve it by creating action plans and new CPD using LASs views and perspectives. Our CPD week is now also based on LSAs views and we covered a range of different topics to make staff more confident. 

How has the course helped develop you as an educational professional and what do you hope to achieve with the new knowledge/skills in the future?

This course helped me to develop my leadership skills and this will help me to go further in my career and accept/look for jobs on management and SEND coordination. This course gave me better skills on the way that I work with teacher’s assistants and I am now feeling more confident on this area too understanding the big impact of working well with all staff around our students.

Lastly, what are the top 3 things you are looking to do within your setting, since completing the course?

  1. CPD – Levels of support – LSAs
  2. Visual impairment resources and strategies  
  3. Teachers CPD – How to make an effective use of our LSAs

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