Introducing the Level 3 Learning and Skills Assessor Apprenticeship

We are delighted to partner with our ‘Ofsted Outstanding’ sister company, Sporting Futures Training (UK) Ltd on the launch of the Learning and Skills Assessor Apprenticeship. This is a brand new opportunity for primary schools to bring educational testing and assessment in-house. 

Image of a Learning and Skills Assessor Apprentice engaging a class of primary school students

Apprentices will learn how to use psychometric tests to effectively assess the progress of students and identify appropriate support strategies. Being able to better interpret test results will improve understanding and communication about individual learning needs, both internally and with external agencies, allowing the apprentice, and their colleagues, to respond to these needs more efficiently.

The apprenticeship offers free training as it can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy at no additional cost to schools. (The government contributes 95% of training costs for a Non-Levy organisation).

Registration is open with the first cohort due to start in September 2023

A brief overview of the apprenticeship:

  • A 13 month online programme inclusive of the End Point Assessment
  • The apprenticeship comprises live teaching sessions, seminars and tutoring leading to the achievement of the Learning and Skills Assessor Apprenticeship
  • ‘Off the job’ training packages that work for schools
  • Requires a commitment of 6 hours release time per week
  • Open to all members of staff in a primary school that are interested in gaining additional skills in assessment. For example, schools may choose to upskill one or more teachers, HLTAs, TAs or LSAs to provide valuable support for the SENCO. Or you could opt to develop new expertise for the SENCO themselves.
  • Costs £0 as it is fully funded using the Apprenticeship Levy. An optional value-added extra is available for £75 + VAT, which enables apprentices to ‘top-up’ and gain the gold standard, Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) qualification, set by the British Psychological Society

Interested in learning more about this opportunity to develop valuable skills in educational testing and assessment? Read additional information about the Learning and Skills Assessor Apprenticeship.

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