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Joining the BPS RQTU & maintaining your registration

Joining the BPS RQTU

Successful completion of the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) course enables you to apply for the BPS Test User Educational qualification and to join the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) – a publicly searchable database for the Professional Testing Center, of qualified practitioners with competence in assessment; Helping bolster those registered in their professional reputation.
Even though registering on the BPS RQTU is not mandatory, here are three reasons why we would recommend joining the RQTU.
  1. First, it provides public recognition of your competence, which means that your name can be found by anyone wanting to check your qualifications.
  2. Secondly, you get access to information including test reviews and a quarterly journal entitled Assessment & Development Matters (ADM)
  3. Thirdly, it provides a framework for your ongoing professional development.  

A full list of the benefits you receive once you have joined the BPS RQTU can be found here

Process for Reaffirmation:

Our reaffirmation process ensures our delegates receive the level of support and training they need to remeet the competencies and continue delivering the best possible services to students.

Before beginning the reaffirmation, we ask delegates to submit a recent report including record sheet, in addition to a narrative statement of their assessment practice since completing CCET to determine the level of tutoring and assistance they will need. This process will help us determine which Reaffirmation Route they will need to undertake (see below) to regain membership to the British Psychological Society and refresh their skills in Educational Testing. This process is to also ensure the British Psychological Society’ guidelines are being met for reaffirmation and that the best standard of testing is maintained.

Submitting a report

To apply for reaffirmation, we will ask you to submit a report. The report submitted should be anonymised and it must have been completed within the last 12 months (prior to the date it is submitted to us). This must not be a report that was originally submitted as part of the original CCET course, but rather one that reflects your current professional practice. Please do submit the record sheets used (showing the pupils raw score) and the relevant pages from the manuals so that we are able to check your score conversions. The report should aim to clearly meet the CCET competencies and demonstrate professional practice.

We recommend choosing the report carefully as it will determine which route we will ask you to follow for the reaffirmation. 

You will also need to submit a narrative about your assessment practice since completing the CCET course, including which educational institution(s) or services have commissioned the assessments. This is for us to see your practice in testing and to see how you have been using your testing skills since completing CCET.

In summary, depending on when you completed your CCET course and your relative experience, you will be required to complete one of the routes below in order to be reaffirmed and (re)join the BPS RQTU.

Route One

For delegates with less than 3 years since completing the CCET qualification. Additionally, the report submitted will demonstrate that the competencies learnt during CCET have been maintained to a high standard. There will also be evidence demonstrating ongoing assessment practice from the narrative statement provided.Delegates on Route One will need to complete:

  • A written report and scoring task

If the new report uploaded meets the BPS competencies, your reaffirmation will be confirmed and you will be able to rejoin the BPS RQTU.

You will also be given feedback by one of our experienced tutors on your written report/ scoring as part of this route to help solidify your professional practice.

If your report indicates you need a refresher on some of the competencies, we will direct you to complete one of the routes below before confirming your reaffirmation.


Price for Route One: £200+VAT

Route Two

For delegates with less than 3 years since completing the CCET qualification, but would benefit with a refresher on the competencies and skills learnt during CCET. This route is suitable for those who may not have had much professional practice in testing since the course and would benefit from more extensive support.

  • Or

For those that completed the CCET qualification more than 3 years ago, but have been maintaining professional practice and skills learnt during CCET. In this instance, the BPS guidelines ask that they refresh certain parts of the course for the reaffirmation process.

In route two, you will be given access to Campus Online and must complete:

  • Test administration and scoring
  • A written report and scoring task
  • Oral feedback task

Price of Route Two: £400+VAT

Route Three

For delegates with more than 3 years since completing the CCET qualification and with limited to no recent written report writing experience. The report(s) may also indicate that the competencies will need a greater level of revising and support from our tutors to regain the needed skills to carry out a high level of professional practice. For this route, delegates will need to relearn the skills and knowledge they acquired on the CCET course to ensure the BPS competencies are met and maintained.

Delegates on Route Three will need to complete the full CCET course again, to ensure reaffirmation and professional practice:

  • Test administration and scoring
  • Test review
  • Intelligence essay
  • A written report and scoring task
  • Oral feedback task
  • Key statistical principles task (online access to Strand 1 of manual)
  • Complete MCQ on statistical principles.
If Route 3 is required, you will have the opportunity to withdraw from the reaffirmation process. However, the retaking of the course will ensure you regain the skills needed to provide the proper professional practice and care to students and would be required to rejoin the RQTU.

Price: Please contact info@realgroup.co.uk with your desired delivery method (online or intensive) to receive a quote for Route Three

Please ensure you have read all the information above before contacting info@realgroup.co.uk to apply to begin your reaffirmation process.

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