Is inclusion at the top of your priority list for 2019?


“Real Training is transcending inclusion barriers.”

– Elaine Patrick, Real Training delegate 2018

With inclusion currently a hot topic in many international schools, it is more important than ever that the leaders of the schools understand how best to support their colleagues, as well as the students themselves, in the journey to becoming a high-performing inclusive school. We are not saying that your school may not be inclusive already, but there are always ways to improve and enhance the support you can offer to all your students. Let us help you achieve your goals in inclusion with our highly-regarded and accredited NPQ and iSENCO qualifications.

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

We offer online qualifications for leaders at all levels and inclusion is a key focus which flows through our NPQs for middle leadership (NPQML), for senior leadership (NPQSL) and for headship (NPQH).

The courses will enhance your skills, knowledge and confidence to help you lead successfully in your setting. All our NPQs start with a leadership behavioural assessment to help you establish your strengths and identify behaviours to work on to improve your effectiveness as a leader. The courses then cover content and assignments in six key areas:

  • Leading with impact
  • Strategy and improvement
  • Teaching and curriculum excellence
  • Working in partnership
  • Managing resources and risks
  • Increasing capability

International Award for SEN Coordination (iSENCO)

Since launching the programme only last year, we have seen SENCOs, Inclusion Managers and other educators interested in supporting SEN children in their setting book the iSENCO course from over 20 different countries. Whilst on the course, you will be able to share best practice with these delegates in our online discussion forums.

Our iSENCO programme offers you a unique SENCO qualification focused on how to support SEN children in an international setting. It covers important topics facing international schools today when looking at SEN provision and can be tailored to the country where you are based. 

The best support, wherever you are

With one-to-one support from experienced tutors based all over the world and the course completed via our flexible online learning platform, you will be able to study at a time and place that suits you. As an educator yourself, you will know that the best way to learn is by doing – our courses, therefore, do not only teach you the theory, but your assignments will also include practical work, meaning that you will be making an impact in your setting straight away.

Accredited qualifications

All our qualifications are validated by Middlesex University and our NPQ programmes are also approved by the UK Department for Education (DfE). By completing the NPQSL, NPQH or the iSENCO qualification you will be awarded 60 credits at level 7, which you can use to gain a postgraduate qualification on our SEND Programme or on the MA in Leading Inclusive Education (MALIE).

Don’t miss out – join our January cohorts today!

There is still time to join our January cohort for the iSENCO qualification if you enrol by the end of tomorrow (Tuesday 15 January) via our online booking form. As with all our courses, you will not need to pay anything at the time of booking but we will ask you to complete our registration forms and make an initial payment by the end of the month if you wish to join this cohort.

If you are considering joining the January cohort for one of our NPQs, you have a little more time – simply complete the online booking form on or before 31 January.

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