Jasvinder Ashan – NPQH

Why did you decide to study with us?

With such a busy role at school, an online NPQH was ideal as I could manage the workload much better.  When this was suggested by the head teacher I was working with at the time, I felt it was a good way to complement and develop my leadership role but at the same time not be intrusive or add more workload.

What was your experience of learning with Real Training?

Initially I was conscious about not having enough support as it was online. I can say whole heartedly that Joan has been extremely supportive and reachable throughout the course. I nearly gave up on this course a few times due to work related pressures and not being able to meet my deadlines but Joan’s support has ensured that I have completed it. The course itself has made me grow immensely as a leader. I feel that I am much better equipped for the role now. Liaising with other people on the course has been invaluable and helped me to reflect a lot. The coaching sessions with tutors and other headteachers were brilliant. I will definitely be recommending Real Training other colleagues.

How has the course(s) helped make an impact at school?

The project has definitely raised standards in my previous infant school as it helped staff grow and raised expectations. Since then I have moved schools and I can honestly say I am much more equipped to lead a larger school alongside the head teacher and when deputising in her absence.  I feel I have much more knowledge about the role of a head j c my skills in leading teams effectively, managing others and finance related tasks have particularly grown.

How has the course(s) helped develop you as an educational professional and what do you hope to achieve with the new knowledge/skills in the future?

My leadership ship skills have grown two fold. I have changed my styles based on all the research and models I have learnt about. 

My whole leadership style has changed. My 360 was an eye opener as I did not realise how valued I was by staff and how much they respected me as a leader. The areas to develop helped me grow even more. I have also helped grow my previous setting based on all the learning and developed others to the point that I can leave knowing they have the capability to maintain the high standards I have set.

My projects have given me confidence in leading necessary initiatives linked to the SDP.

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