Real Training is an EducationInvestor Awards Finalist!

Joining the BPS RQTUJust a matter of weeks after being awarded the top 5-star award for our SEND programme by Teach Primary Awards, Real Training has also reached the finals of the EducationInvestor Awards as Provider of the Year for Content & Education Provision Skills.  In 2018, we were finalists in the category of Exporting Excellence, recognising our efforts in developing and delivering courses and qualifications to suit the international market, such as our innovative iSENCO qualification and delivering our CCET programme as a face-to-face course overseas. This year, the Skills Provider of the Year award recognises how we support a large number of educators, both in the UK and overseas, with our full range of qualifications including our professional assessment courses, our qualifications for SENCOs, the SEND Programme, our MA in Leading Inclusive Education and also our DfE-accredited NPQ qualifications.

After each course, we gather and review feedback from our delegates to ensure that our qualifications continue to meet the needs the schools, educators and the children that they are supporting. In the 2018/19 academic year, we launched new modules in our SEND Programme which were developed as a result of us listening to this customer feedback and monitoring the needs of the ever-changing education sector in the UK and worldwide. These include the International Award in SEN Coordination (iSENCO), Psychology for Education, Cognitive & Learning and Evidence & Pedagogy for Inclusion. iSENCO is a unique qualification developed for SENCOs and Inclusion Managers working in international settings. This qualification combines key skills and knowledge required for all SENCOs with expert guidance for SEN professionals facing unique and specific challenges in international education, such as local legislation and culture, the impact on learning of third culture kids and language challenges for EAL students.

This time last year, we had delegates in 50 territories worldwide. Over the past year, we have extended our reach to almost 80 regions. This is something we are incredibly proud of as it means we are making an impact all over the world, not just with the educational professionals we are training but also with the children and families they are supporting.

We believe in supporting educators to improve the outcomes for ALL children, regardless of background, circumstance or challenge. If you believe in the same goal, get in touch with one of our course advisors on +44 (0)1273 35 80 80, email or visit our website and we’ll be happy to help you and your educational institution achieve the goals of identifying and improving the outcomes for vulnerable learners in an inclusive environment.

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