Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) Course date announced – 23-24 June 2020 – Novotel London Bridge Hotel

The next Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) course has been announced. It will take place in London on 23-24 June 2020 at the Novotel London Bridge Hotel.

This course is designed to train professionals in the comprehensive use of CAP. As a detailed evidence-based tool for consultation and structured data collection, it can be used by a range of professionals, including:


  • Educational and clinical psychologists
  • Therapists
  • SENCOs and specialist teachers

Although the course will be highly relevant to psychologists, therapists, and teachers, those who do not work in one of these professions are also welcome – as long as they work in the learning and development of children, adolescents, and adults.

This Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) course will bring the unique benefits of dynamic assessment (DA) and cognitive education into the mainstream work of practitioner psychologists and specialist teachers. This will not only teach you how to use CAP to structure an in-depth individualised assessment but will also show you how to use CAP for systematic consultation and observation – which may mitigate the need to carry out individual direct work with a particular student.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use CAP to help teachers, parents and others understand the learner’s needs.
  • Develop recommendations that lead to an intervention plan (IP).
  • Understand how to use the profile systemically to review progress.

This course isn’t formally assessed. However, clear staging posts over the two days will ensure that your learning and practice are embedded every step of the way.

For more details, and to book your place, please visit our CAP page.

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