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Issue 20May 2018
Matthew Barnes

A Q&A with Ofsted’s Matthew Barnes on SEND reforms

This issue is on the most challenging of topics –Ofsted inspections– with an exclusive interview by Editor-at-Large Edward Farrow, with Matthew Barnes, OFSTED’s special adviser on SEND.

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Issue 19Apr/May 2017

Autism, gender and gender dysphoria

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen discusses autistic girls; gender and the diagnostic process; ongoing research into autistic females; gender dysphoria and sexual identity; EHCPs and mental health; and the genetic links between autistic children and their parents. Dr Sarah Hendrickx examines autistic girls hiding in plain sight; identifying them in a mainstream setting; and helping them to cope with the nuances of teenage girl friendships. Dr Wenn Lawson draws on his own experience of gender dysphoria and autism, to discuss the links between the two conditions and the ways in which he overcame these barriers.

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Issue 18Jan/Feb 2017

The SEND reforms, the new curriculum and the Rochford Review

Edward Timpson MP (minister of state for vulnerable children and families) and Dr Adam Boddison (CEO of nasen) tackle questions on the Code of Practice, early identification, nominal budgets, the new national curriculum, the Rochford Review, SEND and teacher training courses, and 2017 and beyond. Brian Lamb OBE looks at the SEND reforms, education, health and care plans, the local offer and strategic engagement, and outcomes.

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Issue 17Sept/Oct 2016
Anne Longfield OBE

Children and young people’s mental health

Anne Longfield OBE (children’s commissioner for England) discusses the state of the nation’s child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) via: CAMHS cuts, SEN general annual grant (GAG) funding, demographics, exclusions, legal aid, and the post-Brexit landscape. Sarah Norris (senior educational psychologist (EP)) explores the particular challenges facing professionals who support children and young people with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties.

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Issue 16Jun/July 2016

An autism special issue for the Autism Show

Dr Temple Grandin provides a unique insight into autism and her life. Steve Silberman tackles the big questions on inclusion, causation research, gender personalisation in education, and the future of autism. Dr Sue Sheppard speaks about Lorna Wing, autism in the UK, the importance of good training and the future for young people with autism.

Please note: this issue has been curated from previous issues of The SEND Practitioner.

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Issue 15Apr/May 2016

Examining autism and analysing the government’s education White Paper

Dr Temple Grandin discusses autism and her life and times. Dr Sue Sheppard speaks about Lorna Wing, autism in the UK, the importance of good training and the future for young people with autism. Brian Lamb OBE writes about the government’s latest education White Paper and its possible impact on the SEND reforms.

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Issue 14Jan/Feb 2016

Autism with the winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction

Steve Silberman looks at autism through the prism of the writing and research that he undertook for his multiple award-winning book: Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. His masterpiece won the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 2015 and was named as one of the best books of that year by The Guardian, The Economist and The Financial Times.

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Issue 13Oct/Nov 2015
Ian Whittaker

Channel 4’s Educating Cardiff through the eyes of a teacher

A look at Channel 4’s Educating Cardiff with Willows High School’s assistant head and SEN line manager. Ian Whittaker sheds light on examination concessions; the school’s state of readiness for the Welsh reforms; and the pressure that the future funding squeeze will have on the school’s staffing levels and pastoral care. He illuminates the school’s truly person-centred approach through conversations about four pupils who make huge strides in the show.

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Issue 12July/Aug 2015

The hearing impairment landscape in a time of seismic change

Looking at the hearing impairment landscape with Susan Daniels OBE.

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