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Research Module: Enquiry-based SEND Practice

Flexible assessment

This practice-based distance learning module is structured around carefully designed learning experiences, each with a practical activity at its heart that engages directly with your own professional context. Supporting theory, reflection and example activities will help you undertake and complete the relevant aspects of the assignments up to and including the completion of your Action Research project.

Where a word equivalence is given, you may submit as part of your final portfolio of evidence multimedia resources that you have produced within your applied practice.

Critical analysis one: Overview and critique of the enquiry and action research model and a research proposal, showing the way in which you have identified a topic area for your research and negotiated the implementation of your research within your organisation. This assignment will also include discussion of the all relevant ethical considerations (3,000 words).

Critical analysis two: A summary of research and practice in the topic area. You will have access to a wide range of full-text online journals via the EBSCO database (3,000 words).

Practice analysis: Account of the enquiry-based SEND project using an Action Research framework (5,000 words or equivalent).

Reflective analysis: A reflection on the learning achieved through the project, including ethical considerations in practice and the impact on your own and others’ professional practice (1,000 words or equivalent).

Choosing your research topic

Contact us if you are ready to complete your Master of Education (MEd) and wish to talk through possible topics for further enquiry or research. While it is not necessary to have a topic idea prior to enrolling on this module, we understand that sometimes it can help with the enrolment process if you can be sure that a topic is relevant for further enquiry and research. In these circumstances, we are happy to talk through ideas with you and other people with whom you work.

Professional benefits

  • Focus your research on a topic of relevance to you.
  • Undertake an enquiry-based research project that makes a difference.
  • Apply the enquiry-based approach to practice.
  • If you wish to publish your work – we can help.
  • Complete your MEd.
  • Progress your professional career.

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