MA in Leading Inclusive Education – The challenges, and opportunities, of an inclusive and diverse society

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The Department for Education has recently released a consultation response on the government’s new forward-thinking proposal surrounding relationship and sex education in state schools. The range of the responses to the proposal demonstrates the array of views held by teachers, parents, and Heads about what and how we teach children in primary and secondary about relationship/sex education. Whilst the government’s new initiative is broadly to be welcomed, it is equally reasonable to say that it isn’t without controversy.

The interplay of some sincerely held cultural and religious beliefs and the mandatory teaching on relationships and sex education cannot be tackled easily or without friction, evidenced by some recent, high-profile school gate protests. The new policy places greater responsibly on schools and senior leaders to manage the process of informing students about healthy relationships and sex while, all maintaining sensitivity to differing cultural and religious views in their communities.

Leading in an inclusive environment with confidence

Senior school leaders and the community have raised concerns about support at hand to help communicate these topics in a sensitive way, particularly in regard to the teaching of LGBTQ+ relationships.

This was why we, in partnership with Middlesex University, created a new Masters programme – MA in Leading Inclusive Education.

The MA in Leading Inclusive Education is modular, allowing delegates to pick and choose the subject areas most relevant to them, with a wide range of topics covered, including Migration and Language Acquisition, Learning Differences and others. In light of this new government initiative, two modules that may be of most interest are Gender and Sexuality and Communities and Culture. These 30-credit modules can help educators to bridge this gap and help you in navigating, planning and collaborating in the new curriculum with confidence.

The programme is designed to be entirely flexible, allowing NASENCO graduates to select anything from one 30-credit module, or continuing to gain a Postgraduate Diploma or the full MA. And as it is delivering fully online, fully supported by one-to-one expert tutors, modules are designed to work around educators’ real lives.

In such a multicultural nation such as our own, the importance of inclusive education cannot be understated. School leaders, in particular, understand this- they just may not have the tools and skills available yet to ensure cohesive and positive outcomes for all students.

To find out more about the programme, modules and if your National Award in SEN Coordination can be transferred as 60 credits into this Masters, get in touch with on +44 (0)1273 358080 or email

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