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Confidence through competence
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Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET)OnlineOnline and face-to-faceContinuing Professional DevelopmentApproved by the British Psychological Society


Educational Testing (CCET)Take your competence in psychometric testing to the next level with the gold standard qualification for the education profession – Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) – set by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

All educationalists use tests to assess their students’ progress.

The Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) will help you to understand how assessments using psychometric tests are developed, how to use them effectively, and how to interpret the results.

We will show you how to test appropriately, the available alternatives, and the best ways in which to use them.

The Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) will enable you to apply for the BPS Test User Educational qualification and to join the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use – a publicly searchable database of competence that will bolster your professional reputation.

Module Leaders – Kate Fieldhouse & Sarah Norris

Educational Testing (CCET)Kate Fieldhouse is a senior educational psychologist. She has helped to develop this industry-standard course for those who want to understand testing and assessment in an educational setting.





Educational Testing (CCET)Sarah Norris is a senior educational psychologist who has worked extensively with schools and young people with SEND. Sarah specialises in the field of mental health and young people with social and emotional needs.




Why take this course?

  • Develop competence and confidence in educational testing.
  • Discover how tests are developed and standardised so that you can identify and overcome barriers to learning.
  • Gain the vital knowledge that will enable you to read, write and interpret reports, allowing you to better support other professionals, such as educational psychologists (EPs).
  • Become familiar with theories about testing and psychometrics, including relevant statistical concepts.
  • Learn how to administer, select and evaluate a range of educational tests and assessments in line with the Data Protection Act.
  • Get to grips with the legislative and policy framework.
  • Understand the purposes of testing and assessment and develop the ability to interpret test scores and integrate those test scores with other forms of assessment.
  • Carry out an effective assessment of a learner and report the findings in a way that is intelligible to a lay person.

Pass this module and you will be in pole position to achieve your Certificate in Psychometric Testing, Assessment & Access Arrangements (CPT3A) – an efficient route to becoming a Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) recognised access arrangements assessor. Simply complete our Access Arrangements Course (AAC) next to gain your CPT3A.

Online or intensive?

You can either take this module online, or you can attend one of our bespoke intensive courses. Whichever route you take, you will be required to take the same assessments and produce a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your competence.

In short, the modes of delivery may be different (online or intensive), but the forms of assessment will remain broadly the same.

The online route

If you are looking for an accessible and flexible option, then this path’s for you.

You can start when you want to and work at your own pace using Campus Online. This cutting-edge, custom-built online learning platform places you at the heart of learning. It gives you unprecedented control over your learning; it enables you to interact with your tutors and peers every step of the way.

Track your progress and take on board the latest learning and practice as you complete assessments and professional reports in your place of work.

The intensive route

If you prefer in-person, face-to-face learning, our intensive CCET with online components is for you. Take our three-day intensive CCET, via one of the following options:

  • Intensive via a Campus Live online face-to-face event
  • Intensive at a hotel  
  • Intensive at our Greenwich office

Information regarding our intensive courses delivered via Campus Live

Responding to what our delegates have told us, that some prefer a classroom experience but cannot always make the dates and locations of our intensive events, we have invested in the most cutting-edge software available to create Campus Live. Campus Live is an online classroom, delivering all of the benefits of face-to-face learning, but allowing delegates to be based in their office or home, saving on time and cost of travelling. The system has been developed to deliver a seamless classroom experience, allowing live, dynamic interaction between delegates and tutor, and amongst delegates, including breakout rooms and the ability to revisit materials and notes once the day’s sessions have finished. So whether you are based in Dundee or Devon, Australia or Zimbabwe, you can still benefit from the full intensive classroom experience which has benefited thousands of access arrangements professionals for more than 15 years. 

You will receive tuition and take part in discussions and evaluation tasks that increase your competence. Naturally, you will have to do quite a bit of preparation before the course and apply your learning in practice afterwards.

Find out more about the intensive route.

Intensive course dates


  • 17-19 August, Campus Live (Online face-to-face event)
  • 21-23 September, Campus Live (Online face-to-face event)
  • 27-29 September, Qatar International School (Intensive face-to-face event)
  • 28-30 September, Hotel Campanile Birmingham (Intensive face-to-face event)
  • 5-7 October, London – venue TBC (Intensive face-to-face event)
  • 12-14 October, Bristol – venue TBC (Intensive face-to-face event)
  • 23-25 November, Campus Live (Online face-to-face event)

*Please contact us if you would like to book a residential place at this course: +44 (0) 1273 358080

More upcoming course dates will be released soon. Please contact info@realgroup.co.uk to register your interest in attending an upcoming intensive course.

Interested in a SOLD OUT date? Email us and we’ll place you on our waiting list.

Book your place today.

Do you want to book a bespoke three-day CCET course for six or more participants?

Speak to us on 01273 35 80 80, or email us at info@realgroup.co.uk

How will you benefit?

Add real value to your school

  • Save money, bring assessment skills in house.
  • Ensure value for money from support services – with your improved ability to target and commission quality services.
  • Be able to provide accurate and reliable evidence and advice to parents, colleagues, and managers.
  • Gain real expertise in the reading and writing of professional reports.
  • Register competence on the publicly searchable BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use.
  • Complete the extension module (AAC) and you will be able to write reports for access arrangements.

Learn on the job

  • Harness your day-to-day professional experience and work with your tutor to develop your skills.
  • Theories, reflection, and activities will help you to explore aspects of your own and others’ practice.

Engage with flexible e-learning

  • Study online and integrate your learning into your working day.
  • Take part in a flexible module that draws on a broad range of learning tasks and practical experience.
  • Work closely with your peers and dedicated tutors online.
  • Experience mentoring and work placements that really complement your learning.
  • Utilise the latest video and multimedia content, case studies and problem-based scenarios, directed reading, structured learning logs, online discussion, online questionnaires, peer evaluation, and webinars.

Take a major step towards CPT3A

As soon as you complete the Educational Testing (CCET) module, you will be able to take AAC – our concise online extension module. Complete this and you will be awarded CPT3A. It’s as easy as that.

Find out more about AAC.

Join our MEd SEND Programme as if you have 30 credits

When you have successfully completed the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET), you will be able to apply to join our MEd SEND Programme as if you have 30 credits. Terms and conditions apply.

Connect with your peers

  • Obtain exclusive access to Campus Online.
  • Interact with your peers using our advanced learning platform and our unique student forum.

We will ensure that you never feel lonely or unsupported in your studies.

Liaise with experienced tutors

  • Enjoy dedicated specialist support from a broad range of experienced tutors.
  • Receive expert guidance from us throughout the module.

Our SENCOs and EPs know the education sector inside out.

Choose a start date that suits you

The online course can be started at any time. The intensive course dates are listed above and we usually hold at least six events per year.

The course content

The course content reflects the core competencies determined by the British Psychological Society.

Educational test administration

  • Introduction to testing.
  • Administering and scoring tests correctly and accurately.
  • Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the test materials and test data.

The statistical principles of psychometrics

  • Standardisation and how tests are created.
  • Interpretation of data in comparison to the rest of the population.
  • Test theory and reliability – how accurate and reliable are tests?
  • Validity – how do we know what tests are actually measuring?

Using attainment and ability tests

  • Theories of intelligence and how they affect test construction.
  • Test bias influences on outcomes, and making adjustments to accommodate a disability – including anti-discriminatory practice.
  • Choosing tests that meet your needs and are fit for purpose.

Assessment, interpretation and giving feedback

  • Making good decisions about using psychologist tests.
  • Interpreting test data and utilising it correctly and wisely.
  • Providing written and oral feedback to clients and their carers.
  • Using and understanding alternatives to test data.

How will you be assessed?

You will need to produce:

  • Multiple-choice questionnaires on the purpose and types of assessment and statistical principles.
  • A paper on the statistical principles that underpin psychometric tests.
  • A critical review of an educational test in line with European standards.
  • A written paper on intelligence testing and discrimination.
  • Video evidence of test administration competence.
  • A comprehensive written report of an assessment, including test scores from at least two, administered psychometric tests.
  • Video evidence of competent oral feedback to a client or the client’s parents/carers.

Are you eligible?

No prior qualifications required

As it’s an open-access course, you do not have to have any previous qualifications to take it.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language, to be eligible, you will need a high level of competence in the use of English, equivalent to at least 6.5 ( with a minimum of 6 in each component ) in the IELTS test or TOEFL 575 (paper based), 237 (computer based). You will be asked to confirm this as part of the booking process.

Please note: This stipulation is for non-native English speakers.

Suits a broad range of education professionals

This will be of particular interest if you work in the education sector and administer tests. You will need access to educational tests (or the willingness to acquire them) and will also need to be able to use tests in an educational setting.

A diverse group of professionals has completed this course – including teachers, tutors and teaching assistants working in:

  • Mainstream primary and secondary schools.
  • Special schools.
  • FE and HE institutions.
  • Independent and international schools and colleges.

Are you based in an international setting?

The online study option for this educational testing course can be completed anywhere in the world. We also offer face-to-face study options internationally. Please click here for advice on payment options and other information relevant to those studying outside of the UK.

How can I access tests?

For the purpose of the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET), you will need to be able to access at least two psychometric tests, one of ability and one of attainment.

There are various places to buy tests. Real Group runs the Dyslexia Action Shop which sells many of the most popular tests from the main test publishers in the UK and USA. We offer delegates a 10% discount. Another option is to join the Professional Assessment Programme Study Purchase Scheme. To find out more, please click here.

Please note: we have no control over the rules that publishers use to decide who is eligible to buy their tests and we will need to follow their guidance when selling tests. We may need you to provide information regarding qualifications for us to check your eligibility.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible range of fees to suit your finances:

  • Online – £1,495 + VAT.
  • Online by instalments – 3 x £524 + VAT = 1,570 + VAT.
  • Online by instalments (Direct Debit, UK clients only) – 10 x £162 + VAT = £1,620 + VAT.
  • Intensive non-residential – £1,950 + VAT.
  • Intensive residential outside of London – £2,245 + VAT.
  • Intensive residential London – £2,345 + VAT.
  • Intensive online face to face (Campus Live) – £1,950 + VAT
  • CampusLive by instalments – 3 x £675 + VAT = £2,025 + VAT
  • CampusLive by instalments – 10 x £207 + VAT = £2,070 + VAT

For further information please visit the payment FAQ page found here.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The duration of this course is up to 8 months.

We do understand, however, that circumstances can arise that could prevent the course being completed in this time period. If this is the case, an extension can be arranged in conjunction with the admin team and your tutor.

How do I pay for the British Psychological Society's (BPS's) Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)?

You will need to settle this directly with the BPS. They will charge you a separate fee when you join their RQTU. While you are not obliged to do so, we strongly advise you to take advantage of the professional benefits of being on the RQTU.

You will not need to pay the BPS any RQTU joining fee until you have completed the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) Course.

Find out more about the costs, benefits and how to apply on the BPS’s website.

Speak to us (01273 358080) or make a booking.


What delegates have said about educational testing (CCET) course

‘This is the second course I have done with Real Training and I would recommend them to anybody. The course leaders are encouraging, supportive and prompt with feedback – I have even had guidance over the telephone! My career has gone from strength to strength since starting the course, as I have been able to take the lead on ALN developments and assessments due to the knowledge I have retained. I hope to continue studying with Real Training in order to gain a Masters in SEN.’- Nadia

‘Please use Real Training if you want to become an access arrangements assessor! It is a flexible, robust and supportive course run by professional and engaging tutors.’- Hannah

‘Chose Real Training for this course as the NASENCO was such a positive (but demanding!) experience, supported by helpful tutors, great online resources and an excellent website.’ – Andrew

‘When I started the course my confidence was at a low as I had experienced a knock back when applying for an assessment practising certificate. My knowledge of assessing needed a boost and now I feel that it has been significantly deepened.’ – Frances

‘Excellent, detailed and professional advice. I really felt Kate would only accept the best standard work.’ – Sarah

‘It has been a massive learning curve – this was a whole new area for me and I was initially ‘out of my comfort zone’ but feel that I have had an invaluable training experience.’- Lorraine

‘Fantastic course, it’s definitely a must!’ Kirsha from Sunmarke School, U.A.E

‘Extremely informative and thought-provoking!’ Donna from King’s School Al Barsha, U.A.E

‘One of the best courses I have attended. Informative, well delivered and organised.’ Javene from GEMS First Point School, U.A.E

‘Amazing and should be a part of the general teaching qualification.’ Tracey from GEMS Metropole School, U.A.E

Joining the BPS RQTU & maintaining your registration

Even though registering on the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is not mandatory, here are three reasons why we would recommend joining the RQTU 
  1. First, it provides public recognition of your competence, which means that your name can be found by anyone wanting to check your qualifications.
  2. Secondly, you get access to information including test reviews and a quarterly journal entitled Assessment &Development Matters (ADM)
  3. Thirdly, it provides a framework for your ongoing professional development.  
A full list of the benefits you receive once you have joined the BPS RQTU can be found here
If you completed CCET or CPT3A with Real Training and your registration on the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) expired. Please follow the instructions here

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