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Confidence through competence
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Get set for the intensive CCETFace-to-faceContinuing Professional DevelopmentApproved by the British Psychological Society

Fast-track your CCET with our intensive course

If you’re too busy, or you have too many commitments to take the regular course, take our intensive CCET module.

You will need to do some work before and after the intensive course. But it’s short, it’s sweet and it teaches you everything you need to know.

Simply choose a date that suits you – either at one of our in-person venues or via our innovative virtual classroom, Campus Live – and leave the intensive part to us.

Prepare with some pre-course work

You will need to do a bit of prep before you attend the intensive course.

We’ll send you a course manual. You need to read it and focus on the instructions on test administration.

Attend the intensive course

This is the fun part.

You will receive expert tuition, take part in wide-ranging discussions and carry out a variety of evaluation tasks. These tasks will act as milestones in your learning progress.

You’ll get to know fellow delegates well, as you take part in intensive sessions during the three days.

Carry out a post-course assessment

You will complete the same assessments as your regular CCET counterparts.

You will also need to complete some assessments with suitable clients and provide them with professional feedback. This will be completed when you’re back in your setting following the initial three days of training.

How will you be assessed?

You will need to produce:

  • Multiple choice questionnaires on the purpose and types of assessment and statistical principles.
  • A written paper on the statistical principles that underpin psychometric tests.
  • A written review of an educational test in line with European standards.
  • A written test paper on intelligence testing and discrimination.
  • Video evidence of test administration competence.
  • A comprehensive written report of an assessment, including test scores from at least two administered psychometric tests.
  • Video evidence of competent oral feedback to a client or the client’s parents/carers.

Find out more about CCET, CPT3A and AAC.

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