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We’re in Krakow for EU-funded project: Q-Tales

Sarah Norris and Jonathan Bond have worked with a host of European partners to help build Q-Tales.

This project aims to increase children’s engagement with the written word. At its heart is a demographic approach to curation that is needs-focussed and develops specific literacy skills. Q-Tales aspires to become the largest vertical approach in the European e-book and app industry by producing a complex quality book-based app that will make children’s books a more attractive play for publishers.

In their work, Sarah (senior educational psychologist) and Jonathan (senior learning designer) helped to devise the curation strategy objectives that lie at the very heart of the project.

‘The objectives are to:

  • Provide a way of rating the pedagogical quality of a product to ensure that it is appropriate for a given reader and that it helps to improve the literacy of that reader.
  • Develop tools that will not only evaluate a product, but will also provide data metrics that users can access, understand and contribute – creating a virtuous circle.
  • Evolve a curation network to facilitate the above, to support the launch of Q-Tales and inform its ongoing development.’

It’s been a fascinating pan-European project and promises to have a great impact on children’s literacy across Europe.

Editor’s note: Sarah is meeting with our EU partners in Krakow today (27 June 2016). While the recent EU referendum vote will have an impact on our involvement in this project, we are pleased to report that we will continue to support the project until such time as we are unable to do so.

In the wake of the EU referendum result

A word from one of our directors

‘While we’re still trying to work out the implications of the Brexit vote, we’re secure in the knowledge that our two main courses are a firm favourite with schools. In times of uncertainty, people tend to upskill to ensure that they are future-proofed. So, with all of this in mind and with many unknowns ahead of us, we will continue to carry on what we are doing well while the dust settles.

‘Clearly, the result will have an impact on the EU projects that we are working on. We will keep you posted, but please be aware that these projects are a small part of our operations and will not have a negative impact.’

Dr Mark Turner

Why nasen’s free CPD training can help SEND practitioners

Over the past six months, Jonathan Bond has worked with nasen to develop ‘Focus on SEND’. This free DfE-funded online CPD takes nine hours to complete and has been created for all mainstream teachers and settings across England.

This key resource launches at nasen Live on 29-30 April.

Jonathan, our head of learning design, discusses the project and outlines its vital significance:

‘This was developed to square the circle of delivering practical change in teaching practice through a very short training course. Teachers face a great deal of competing time pressures and many existing courses simply add to this workload.

‘With this nine-hour course, we created a series of short, engaging activities that enable teachers to experience the key aspects of the graduated approach – which is now central to the new Code of Practice.

‘Experiential learning is not only the cornerstone of this course, but also lies at the heart of truly effective CPD.’

Find out more.

Snapshots from the world of SEND




Dr Temple Grandin to feature in April’s issue of The SEND Practitioner

We are absolutely delighted to be interviewing Temple Grandin in the first week of April and warmly invite you to email your questions to edward@realgroup.co.uk by midnight on Sunday 3 April. As ever, all those who submit a question will be in with a chance of winning a copy of Temple‘s remarkable books: The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum and Thinking in Pictures.

We look forward to receiving your questions for April’s issue of The SEND Practitioner.

Read previous issues of The SEND Practitioner (including our recent interview with the brilliant Steve Silberman).

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More than a few marvellous words on autism with Steve Silberman

Issue 14 of The SEND Practitioner published on Saturday 13 February.

Our in-depth discussion with the New York Times bestselling author of Neurotribes was well-received.

Steve Silberman tackled our readers’ questions with aplomb, discussing:

  • Whether a normal person can fully realise and understand the autistic day-to-day realisation of simply not belonging.
  • How SENCOs can best support secondary school autistic children in mainstream classes.
  • The merits of pursuing causation research.
  • The differences between genders vis a vis autistic traits.
  • The value of Asperger’s case studies for supporting personalisation in education.
  • Lorna Wing’s legacy.
  • The future of autism.

Read issue 14 of The SEND Practitioner.

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We’re recruiting for two marketing professionals

We’re pleased to announce that we’re searching for two part-time marketing professionals to join our growing company at our offices in London and Canterbury.

If you’re looking for a dynamic and exciting role where you can really cut your marketing teeth, then this might just be the job for you.

If you’re interested in either of these positions, simply download the attachments below.

The application deadline is 17.00 on 18 January 2016. If you have any queries, call us and ask for Geraldine Bloomfield.

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